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$ 648,500

38 Derner Line

Lowbanks, ON, N0A 1K0

MLS® Number : 40457842

4 Beds / 1 Baths / Parking

Lot Front: 107.36 Feet / Lot Depth: -- Feet


Looking for a quiet Cottage life? Lake breezes, dead end road, turn key and ready to go? Welcome to 38 Derner Line in Lowbanks nestled right between Haldimand and Niagara Regions along Lake Erie. Available for your immediate enjoyment this Viceroy 3 season cottage is only 23 years old and comes almost completely furnished. If you sit outside on the deck, or in the screened in porch you can enjoy the Lake breeze and the sound of the water across the road...a perfect place to wind down from city noise. This one family cottage has 4 generous sized bedrooms and a huge front room with full windows, perfect for family movie or game nights. The property is very big and spacious, lending room to add on, or install a pool again to cool off (AG pool in pics has been removed). Cistern and Septic are low maintenance. While this remote location offers you an escape to relax, it is also only a few mins away from the Mohawk Marina (boat launch), Hippos Rest (a local fav overlooking the Lake) Long Beach (public beach), Rock Point Provincial Park (more beaches) and the communities of Dunnville or Port Colborne depending which way you head. Easy access to highways for Toronto bound or USA bound drivers. There is water access with this property, but there is no beach at this location...but don't let that deter you. This is cottage life the way it was meant to be, and not being directly on water means you don't have to worry about erosion or in winter / storm season about flooding and waves. There is great value here at this peaceful location, don't hesitate to come by. Currently on a seasonal high speed internet plan with NWIC as they have direct line of sight, but fibre optics is being installed in the area, lines currently going in on the road.


Freezer,Microwave,Refrigerator,Smoke Detector,Stove,Window Coverings,Almost All Furniture

Property Type

Single Family Residence



Garage Spaces


Property Taxes

$ 0



Additional Details


None, Private Drive Double Wide










Septic Tank




Family Room



Crawl Space, Unfinished



External Features

External Finish


Property Features

Ceiling Fan(s)Electricity Connected, High Speed Internet Avail, Phone AvailableGravel

Cooling And Heating

Cooling Type

Window Unit(s)

Heating Type

Baseboard, Electric

Bungalows Information

Days On Market

0 Days




0.00 X 0.00 ft
0.00 X 0.00 ft
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0.00 X 0.00 ft
0.00 X 0.00 ft
0.00 X 0.00 ft
0.00 X 0.00 ft
0.00 X 0.00 ft
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0.00 X 0.00 ft

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