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Why Are People Buying Bungalows After COVID-19?

Why Are People Buying Bungalows After COVID-19?

2020 the most happening year of a new decade, at least for now! Who would have thought a world pandemic would hit us all this year, shattering the woven ideas of living. This pandemic has reminded us again that a HOUSE has significant value in our lives, especially now with all the time we spend at home. Unlike other businesses during the pandemic, real estate in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding neighbourhoods has prospered. We have observed changes in the home buying patterns and the demand for homes. And so the question is “What shall we expect from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) & surrounding areas when it comes to real estate in the near future?” The most appropriate answer to this question would be the rebirth in love and demand for bungalow style living. With the Baby Boomers now reluctant to move into condominiums when downsizing, they are looking to bungalows.

COVID-19  mainly spread with close person-to-person interaction. Lockdown was enforced across the globe to contain this viral disease, and it led to new living challenges in homes:

  • Cramped living in smaller homes.
  • Increased chances of spreading the virus while using common spaces like elevators.
  • Keeping children occupied in small areas inside their home when there is no private backyard space.
  • The higher spread of viral disease at nursing homes.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Bungalow

  1. Ability For Open-Plan Design

Trends in the real estate market are changing with the times and situation. The global pandemic has made it clear that a home with openness, fresh air, less recirculation of internal air and backyard spaces & gardens are more human friendly. Open-plan layouts wonderfully create light, airy spaces and give an illusion of more space. Large and bright windows let in the sunlight and fresh air. This style offers comfort, and you can enjoy your serene environment. Bungalows provide maximum privacy and support.

  1. Allows Maximum Lodging

Condominium, apartments, and townhome living were the old way of life. With this pandemic, people have understood and appreciated the need for open indoor and outdoor private space. Bungalows give you just that; indoor too outdoor transition with ease. There is no more to put on a mask, sharing elevators, and pressing buttons, just to enjoy some fresh air.

  1. The Heart Of The Home

From breakfast to preparing snacks, and making a full course dinner, we spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. In a bungalow, the whole home becomes the heart of the home. In a bungalow, easy access all around inclusivity and togetherness is never a problem. Whether it is family members cooking together or preparing a meal for the kid’s everyone is always around and insight.

  1. Bungalows are Energy-Efficient

Because of their unique 1 storey, designs Bungalows are more energy-efficient. We all know how difficult if not impossible is it to keep 2 storeys or more home temperature controlled. One floor is too cold, and the other is not cold enough. Keeping your home comfortable is no problem when living in a bungalow and not to mention it without having to run your systems 24/7.

  1. Convenient Living for Retirees

Senior citizens find it more suitable to live in bungalows due to open plan design, no staircases, and ease in wheelchairs. Those with bad knees, heart problems, and other health issues find it more convenient to reside in bungalows. Some empty nesters are downsizing from large homes to one or two-bedroom bungalows due to access and convince to everything on the same floor.

At, we work hard to find the perfect home that meets your family’s needs. We understand the challenges of today and strive to listen to your wants and needs. With our access to re-sale and pre-construction bungalows across GTA, we are the right team to Move You when the time is right for YOU! Give us a call today to start working for you.



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