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Not ready to move just yet? A pre-construction bungalow might be the right option for you. Choose your location, floor plan, exterior finishings, upgrades, and more and then sit back and wait as your new bungalow is being built just for you. There is nothing like getting the keys to a brand new home. Contact us today to find out more about pre-construction bungalows across Ontario.

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As certified active Real Estate Agents we are constantly in the market and aware of what bungalows are selling for and why. Our Free In-Home Evaluation will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of your property and what to expect when selling your house. We will provide you tips on how to get top dollar for your home and sell faster than the competition. Call us today to learn more.

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Bungalows in the Ontario market come far and wide. Finding a new house for sale in your desired neighbourhood isn’t always easy. That is why we have created the Bungalow Finder for you. Our purposeful website has been designed to help you locate bungalows for sale near you, at your desired price point. 

We at Bungalow Finder aim at resolving hurdles and want to streamline the whole buying process for you. Its as easy as putting in an address, city, postal code or MLS number in the search bar at the top of the page OR click on any of the featured properties to get some more information OR search by clicking on the featured city of your choice OR looking in a specific neighbourhood or vicinity that’s no problem just use our map feature and simply create your own boundaries and available properties will pop up for you to view.  

Searching online can be convenient and easy but if you’d like to speak to one of our real estate agent directly to help you in your search or answer any questions you may call us directly at 416-828-7773.

Major Types of Bungalows 

True Bungalow 

Bungalows are unique in that they are only single storey homes. The living space and bedrooms are all located on the main level. Bungalows can come in many different design styles and sizes the options are endless. They make for comfortable living, especially when stairs are not a preference.   


Bungalow-lofts are an excellent option for those who like the bungalow style but are looking for just a little more space. It is a blend of two words – bungalow and loft – and is merely a bungalow with some additional living space on a second level. The second level does not span the entire first floor but just a portion. The loft space can give you an extra bedroom or two or an additional family room or bonus room but still keeps the home open, airy and true to the bungalow style. 

Raised Bungalows

A raised bungalow is one in which the basement is partially above ground. The benefit is that more light can enter the basement with above ground windows in the basement. Because the basement is raised, it allows more of the basement level to be above grade. There could be additional steps to enter into the main level of the bungalow. However, all the living spaces and bedrooms remain on the main level with no second level. 

Semi-detached Bungalows

Semi-detached bungalows are also a great option to consider when looking for a home for sale. The main difference between a detached and semi-detached bungalow is that the semi-detached bungalow shares a party wall with the neighbouring house. These are still single-family homes with separate private entrance and all the living space and bedrooms on one level.

Split-level Homes

Split-level homes are multi-level houses. There are side-split homes and back-split homes. Side-splits and back-splits are either 3, 4 or 5 level homes. These homes provide different levels and living spaces that can be desirable for some and not preferred by others. 

About Bungalow Finder

The Bungalow Finder team has combined over 20 years of experience helping clients buy and/or sell in the GTA and surrounding areas. We’re an Ontario-based real estate team offering services in Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton, Niagara and more. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer services and genuinely enjoy helping you and all of our clients find the bungalow of their dreams.

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