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5 Cool Essential Kitchen Appliances You Always Need

January 24, 2021

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5 Cool Essential Kitchen Appliances You Always Need

Have you ever noticed the love we have for our kitchens? And do all we could to make it brighter and shiner, not forgetting equipping it with cool appliances.

While it is not that hard to brighten up your kitchen – you could always install bright lights and paint it with lighter tones. It is still not enough to equip this room with beautiful and essential kitchen appliances.

You know, it is a fun fact that most of the tools and appliances you own would be resting much of their time in cabinets or drawers, out of sight. And yet we cannot resist buying more.

This post will give you a list of the five most essential kitchen appliances with their features you must look at before buying these products.

Essential Kitchen Appliances List You Always Need

Coffee Maker

Rise and shine; it is coffee time.

Almost everyone needs a cup of coffee in the morning. And since it is a norm here, why not drink in style.

With time this single-purpose device has grown so much and offers a wide range of features you had never imagined:

  • A timer – to self-prepare a cup for you in the morning.
  • Self-cleaning facility – reduces your efforts by filtering out calcium deposits in the unit.
  • Large funnels – to serve as many persons in one go.
  • Multi-functions – coffee for every taste and everyone. Latte, cappuccino, espresso, or what else?
  • Smart machines – is your coffee maker controllable from your smartphone? Some coffee makers give you the comfort to be controlled by your smartphone while still in bed.

What else do you need? A self-serving coffee machine to your bed!


Breakfast is literally breaking the fast!

Unfortunately, we often skip or delay our breakfast. We do not even listen to experts who lay out all the reasons why breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

So if you were skipping your breakfast, and the reason was lack of time, this small kitchen appliance is going to solve your problem.

For a lazy person like me, I would prefer a 4-compartment toaster. Put four slices of oat bread, let them toast while you fry an egg over your new electric stove.


No matter if you have a full-sized cooking range, a single plate of the stove is almost necessary. These stoves are portable, compact, and easy to clean.

Even when you have an electric pressure cooker, an air fryer, and a griller, you still cannot miss a stove. And what better to offer you than a portable electric stove.

Features you must look at:

  • Child lock
  • Timer
  • Hot-surface warning

Now that you have an electric stove, a 4-compartment toaster, and a smart coffee maker, do not skip your breakfast!


Do you like low-fat grilled food? I do. Grilled foods are better than fried food. Check out this article by WebMD: A Healthier Way to Grill. Here is an extract from the article:

After all, one of the golden rules of eating healthy at restaurants is to choose "grilled" foods over "fried" choices. That's because grilled food is generally a more nutritious choice -- there's no batter coating or dripping grease.


This rule is not limited only when dining out. You must switch to grilled food quite often, even when eating at home.

When you head out to buy a new griller, look for these features:

  • The size – how many steaks could that grill make at a time? I would recommend a 4-steak griller which is not too big or too small. It is just about the right size your kitchen needs.
  • Easy to clean – check if the hood and/or the grid is to remove and clean?
  • Content – prefer a non-stick grill to avoid too much oil.
  • Temperature – a grill that has adjustable temperature options good to cook steaks and grilled sandwiches.

If you are settling in your new bungalow, you might also want to read these easy tips to brighten up your house.

Air Fryers

I have skipped adding a deep fryer; I do not want you to add unnecessary fat to your body.

Air fryers are relatively newer devices giving you that deep-fried food by just frying under air pressure. I would not lie; the taste will not be as good as the food outcome from a deep fryer. But the air fryer offers healthier food.

So what is the right air fryer for you?

  • Crispy food – does the air fryer you are looking at having the adopted air crisp technology?
  • Multifunctional fryer – always prefer a multifunctional air fryer to offer you several food options like crispy fries, fried chicken, sweet desserts, and more.
  • Cleaning facility – always prefer a fryer with easy-to-remove compartments and easy to wash/clean. And a removable non-stick drawer is one of the best among many types of air fryers.

Which is the Most Wanted Kitchen Appliance?

Buying any of these essential kitchen appliances is not hard at all. We have a ton of options from third-party vendors to manufacturers, all offering an online buying facility. The only challenge comes in choosing the right kitchen product.

With these five must-have kitchen products, you would have a good idea of what you must be looking for in all these appliances.

For me, an air fryer will be my next choice to add to the kitchen. Which product are you going to get?