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Unveiling Ontario's Best Small Towns - Your Guide to Serene Living

June 11, 2024

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Discover Ontario's Best Small Towns for Serene Living

Explore the charming little villages of Ontario, where charm and affordability coexist. Explore Ontario's hidden treasures to find the ideal fusion of convenience, nature, and community. Set out on the search for the perfect small-town lifestyle right now!

The 12 Best Small Towns in Ontario You Should Live In

The small towns in Ontario provide people with a calm haven from the bustle of the metropolis, incredible natural beauty, and close-knit communities. Here are a few that are the best in terms of scenery and community life:

Best Small Towns in Ontario


Average House Price (December 2023)

Unique Features




Historic downtown, proximity to Carp Hills, recreational activities




Bilingual community, ideal location between Montreal and Ottawa, historical landmarks




Riverside location, outdoor recreational activities, strong sense of community




"Prettiest town in Canada", lakeside location, vibrant arts scene




Charming shopping district, vibrant waterfront, recreational complex




Peaceful village lifestyle, surrounded by forest, low crime rate




Hilltop location, historical buildings, sports tournaments




Lakeside location, warm climate, annual events and festivals




Proximity to Lake Ontario, rich history, recreational opportunities




Wine region, historical charm, summer Shaw Festival




Gastronomic capital, art scene, Sandbanks Provincial Park




Four-season destination, outdoor adventures, vibrant arts scene

This table provides a quick overview of each town's population, average house price, and unique features, allowing readers to compare and contrast the different small towns in Ontario.

Let's delve into some of the best small towns in Ontario, each offering its unique allure and lifestyle.

1- Carp

Situated beside the Carp River, Carp is a little hamlet just 33 kilometers from the center of Ottawa. With 1,965 residents, Carp provides a close-knit neighborhood with easy access to city amenities. The locals like playing golf, tennis, and soccer and take Carp Hills tours.

2- Alexandria

Alexandria, a city of 4,486 in Eastern Ontario, offers reasonably priced real estate to its bilingual populace. Fluent in both French and English, Alexandrians radiate warmth and a richness of ethnic backgrounds. Because of its advantageous position between Montreal and Ottawa, the town is a convenient center for accessing additional facilities and attractions.

3- Manotick

Manotick's peaceful setting on the banks of the Rideau River makes it an excellent place for families and anyone who likes to be outside. This little rural community of 4,486 people offers a plethora of hiking, fishing, and boating opportunities. 

The Manotick Village & Town Association plans many events and leisure activities throughout the year to help residents feel like they belong in the community. 

4- Goderich

Known as the "prettiest town in Canada," Goderich is distinguished by a well-maintained town center with a rich historical background. This 7,628-person lakeside community offers a chance to take in the immaculate beaches and breathtaking vistas of Lake Huron. Both residents and tourists visit the town because of its vibrant arts scene, neighborhood markets, and historical sites.

5- Newcastle

Nestled on the beaches of Lake Ontario, Newcastle is home to a quaint waterfront neighborhood that radiates a strong feeling of camaraderie. 9,167 people live in this charming town houses and may take advantage of several facilities, including eating, shopping, and recreational activities. 

The area's proximity to Toronto attracts commuters seeking a quiet haven following a day in the city.

6- Dorchester

Dorchester offers a peaceful village vibe with its beautiful trees and strolling paths  encircle the area. With a population of more than a thousand, this little town is proud of its low crime rate and solid community feeling that has grown over the years. People who love the outdoors will find Dorchester the perfect location because of its wealth of parks, trails, and recreational options.

7- Paris

Paris enthralls tourists with its assortment of old buildings, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking views from its lofty hilltop overlooking the Grand River.  are available to the This small town’s 12,310 inhabitants can access to many facilities, including restaurants, retail centers, and cultural events. 

Because it is so close to many outdoor activities and sporting events in Brant County, this community is well-liked by families and other people who want to spend time outside.

8- Simcoe

Situated on Lake Erie's shore, Simcoe offers its citizens access to immaculate beaches and many leisure options. This 13,922-person seaside town is well-known for its pleasant weather and relaxed vibe. 

During the summer, the locals can go boating, fishing, and other water activities. Furthermore, there are chances to go skiing and snowboarding in the neighboring villages throughout the winter.

9- Napanee

Situated beside Highway 401 and near Lake Ontario, Napanee provides its inhabitants with a handy position that offers easy access to natural and urban attractions. At 15,892, this little town has a thriving arts culture, a rich history, and many recreational options. Locals can take advantage of cultural events, hike and fish in the parks, and enjoy other outdoor pursuits.

10- Niagara-on-the-Lake

Apart from its historical appeal and wineries, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a well-liked destination for locals and tourists because of its stunning scenery and cultural offerings. This little town of 17,500 residents has several excellent eating places, world-class vineyards, and breathtaking cycling routes along the Niagara River.

The city is a hive of year-round activity because of the summer activities and Shaw Festival, which draw visitors around neighboring neighborhoods.

11- Picton (Prince Edward County)

Situated in the center of Prince Edward County, the town of Picton provides a relaxed way of life surrounded by picturesque scenery and quaint shops. In addition to having a thriving creative culture, this 4,702-person town offers outdoor recreational activities. 

Locals can unwind on the shores of Lake Ontario, take part in wine-tasting tours, or visit the neighboring Sandbanks Provincial Park.

12- Collingwood

Nestled between Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain, the municipality of Collingwood provides its citizens with a playground that is exposed to the elements all year round. The 24,811 residents of this busy town are well-known for their superb skiing and snowboarding, burgeoning arts scene, and delicious food. 

Along Collingwood's charming harbor, locals can dine on the waterfront, unwind on sandy beaches, or explore lovely hiking paths.


Ontario's small towns are perfect for peace, camaraderie, and unspoiled beauty because they offer various experiences and lifestyles. There's the ideal small town waiting to welcome you home, whether your interests lie in the slopes of Blue Mountain, the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake, or the shores of Lake Huron. 

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