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Top 5 Problems to Fix Before Selling Your Beautiful House

January 15, 2021

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Top 5 Problems to Fix Before Selling Your Beautiful House - Bungalow Finder

It is always better to fix the problems in your home before listing it for sale. It would pace up the process of selling, attract more buyers, and pay you a better return.

To help you sell your beautiful house, we have shortlisted five key areas that require your attention before you go out to sell your home.


Mould is a fungus composed of small organisms present everywhere. They could be black, white-orange, green, or purple.

When interacting with a damp surface, mold would start to grow and could start damaging the surface. And are also bad for your health.

Home buyers are sensitive to such problems. They do not like even a tiny spot of mold found on a wall or floor. They may reject the house on this basis.

Make sure to get rid of any source of mold. This is an expert’s job as they understand how bad a fungus is, how to remove it, and how to prevent it from even happening.


For the insurance company, the roof is a key focus area of the house. And so for the homebuyer. If it is time to give it a repair, do it before listing it with a local realtor.

Give a thorough view of the ceiling and the roof. If you fail to give it a repair, call for an expert.


Repairing old windows is not very expensive. And with a little repair, you could get a good return on the investment.

Better even if you plan to upgrade the windows of the house, if you tend to do this, call for an expert and ask for their opinion.

Experts may give you an idea to install double-glazed (or even triple-glazed) windows depending on the region you live in.

They might also suggest installing skylights or roof windows to let natural light flow and make the house brighter.

Do keep in mind that not everyone prefers skylights.

Pro Tips

Apply these ideas when considering installing new windows to give something extra:

  • Awing windows are best where there is a lot of rain. These will protect water from coming in, while give you fresh air.
  • Casement windows are large in size, lets daylight come in and allow you to enjoy the outside view.
  • Garden windows are tiny greenhouses and give a unique look to your house.

HVAC System

Often, it is mandatory for the local authority to keep the HVAC system maintained. That makes them more efficient and might not require your attention when selling a home.

If it does require your attention, do ask the local experts to fix the HVAC system. A poor HVAC system could put you in trouble.

Call for an inspector to check all the related systems and fix them, so you sell the house with no pain.

Incomplete Renovations

If you have any room under renovation, you must complete the job before listing the house. Homebuyers are very sensitive and do not prefer buying a house with incomplete jobs.

And if you know that your house could give you a higher value by fully renovating it, do spend some extra bucks to get the job done.

Sell your Bungalow

Selling a house has never been this easy. You ask for a home inspection, list the areas that need your attention, ask experts to do the job, and contact your local realtor to sell your house.

These experts tend to sell your property with less pain and offer you a good ROI. read more