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It's this Easy to Brighten Up Your House During Winter

January 17, 2021

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 It's this Easy to Brighten Up Your House During Winter
Winter is almost here, and days are getting shorter. It means less sunlight coming through the windows, making the house darker. It calls for a way to brighten up your house to feel more energetic all through the day. Here, I have listed eight simple tips to brighten up space. Some of them are as easy as opening up the door. Let's start to explore this in detail.

Lift the Shades

That is the most basic and prominent way to let the daylight slide in through your windows. Even if the day is cloudy and you are expecting a snowfall, you still can enjoy the natural light. Elevate shades from every window in your house. Be it little, but still, it will brighten up the room. See how easy this tip was! It cost you no effort and no expense.

Remove Solar Screens

If you have installed Solar Panels on windows and other places, remove them during winter. They cover the entire window and prevent light from coming in. By removing these, you would find a big difference when light touches the room and accessories in it. Removing the solar screens is usually easy; they're foldable and could be packed safely in storage. And if you cannot remove these solar screens, you may call an expert to help you with the chore.

Light-colored Slipcovers & Carpets

So the daylight is in your room, but it still does not feel bright enough! No worries. I have another solution for this. Laying bright-colored carpets/rugs on the floor, curtains on windows, and slipcovers on sofas would also add value to your wish. If you don't have these items in bright colors, I suggest you buy a few of them this winter. They'll cost you a bit but pay off well. For floors, you could have rugs, carpets, bean bags, or floor cushions. They will brighten up the place to the extent of their size. For sofas, slipcovers and cushions would do the job.

Change the Lights

Now to using artificial effects - replace your lights and use more powerful bulbs. There is a wide variety of lighting options, from large chandeliers to modern-day recessed.

Lit Candles

Using candles instead of light bulbs is a much cheaper way to brighten up the home. You can easily buy from a nearby store or create in-house. Or craft your candles with the scent of your choice. Check these ideas to brighten up the room and give something extra to your home. 

Stage the Christmas Tree

How about if you decorate the Christmas tree a little early this year? You have to do it later to do it now and enjoy the season with a decorated tree. Decorating and lighting the Christmas tree will brighten up the living room and give it a festive appearance. You can also use the string lights to give something extra to your home.

Mirrors to Reflect Lights

It is a way to boost the lighting. Be it the daylight coming through the windows or the artificial lights. Both will do the job and brighten up the place. Mirrors come in various stunning styles and will add to the beauty of your home.

Add Houseplants

Since it is winter we are discussing, adding plants will also bring some summery effects. Add some tropical plans in several areas of your home. Some plants bloom during the winter, like cyclamens. They are one of the perfect houseplants to give a refreshing look to your home.

Going an Extra Mile

These were some simple ideas to brighten up your house during the winter giving a more home-like feeling. These home improvement ideas will also help you if you were thinking of selling your bungalow this winter. With a little effort and little investment, you re-designed your home and made it attractive for homebuyers.