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Bungalows Sales in Canada After Covid-19

January 10, 2021

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Bungalows Sales in Canada After Covid-19 - Bungalow Finder

As the housing market continues to rebound from a deadly pandemic, finding affordable housing in tandem with your lifestyle has become even more difficult but not impossible. The number of active listings is at a remarkable low, down almost 30% from last year, creating staggering competition for listings. If you're looking to sell your home, you're sitting on a goldmine. However, whether you're buying, selling, or investing, it's vital to understand the changing demands of an ongoing world crisis. With the constant state of spotless hygiene, open spaces, and social distancing- bungalows are re-establishing themselves as the staple of a comfortable lifestyle.

Accessibility and Space

Bungalows are some of the most aesthetically pleasing properties on the market. Contrary to modern living, it's designed with a single floor plan, moving away from the verticality that dominates many contemporary markets. Therefore, they are great for those with limited mobility, such as seniors or families with very young kids. Such open-plan designs mean that bungalows will consist of fewer support systems, including fewer walls. Such composition creates an extremely spacious environment for living. With extensive social distancing practices that will dominate the foreseeable future, the demand for family inclusivity will increase, and bungalows serve just that.


Bungalow estates are customarily located on large lots in open spaces, and they are either detached or semi- dethatched homes. These factors are vital when promoting privacy for your family, not just while social distancing. Neighbourhoods are, therefore, less cramped, and population density is controlled. However, you don't have to worry about continually being contained. The idea behind bungalow homes stemmed from space for larger gatherings but at the expense of smaller private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It's the perfect balance between privacy and enjoying open spaces with family and friends.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

In essence, you're leaving the draining ways of vacuuming stairs and cramped areas where dirt and fungus build up over time is significant. For many, this is a downright deal closer! Moreover, bungalows are comparatively easy to maintain because elements such as gutters, roofs, and cladding are easy to access and replace. Undoubtedly, the ability to clean and maintain a house will be a prime selling point in real estate soon with Covid-19. These features make it valued for sellers and investors alike.

Higher Value

The quite interesting thing about bungalows is that although fewer are on the market, the demand has remained the same. They have remained quite popular, and that is startling news for those looking to invest. Also, due to the recent events involving Covid-19, expect the demand for them to increase, even more, increasing their value in the coming future.

In conclusion, Bungalows have remained a viable option for many people in the past and will continue to serve future buyers, sellers, and investors. Perhaps slightly boosted through the telling times and unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, which has had a rattling effect on the real estate market all across the board. At bunglowfinder.ca, we can help you find the perfect home, whether you are an investor looking to invest in a future property or a buyer looking for a family home or retire. From seniors to young, bungalows serve a wide demographic, making them the right move.