Wollaston is a charming township that beckons those seeking a bungalow lifestyle in a serene and picturesque setting. It is a close-knit community where property taxes, accounting for more than half of the revenue, play a crucial role in sustaining municipal programs. The area boasts a collection of pristine lakes, with gems like King Lake, Bear Lake, and Snow Lake dotting its landscape. Among these, the largest is the stunning Wollaston Lake, a 6.5-kilometer expanse adjacent to Coe Hill.

Wollaston Lake becomes a haven for seasonal cottagers, providing a tranquil escape with two campgrounds, a public boat launch, and a well-maintained public beach. Whether enjoying the vibrant summer activities around the lake or embracing the peaceful winter months in cozy, winterized cottages, Wollaston Lake is a year-round retreat.

The township comes alive with events like the Coe Hill Agricultural Fair, a tradition since 1882, showcasing carnival rides, agricultural competitions, rodeo events, and more. Every July 1, Canada Day brings festivities with a parade through the main street and a spectacular fireworks display over Wollaston Lake, rivaling those of larger neighboring towns.

In this idyllic corner of Ontario, Wollaston invites you to discover the joy of bungalow living amidst nature's beauty and community warmth.