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Burlington - An Amazing Place to Call Home

Burlington is an amazing place to live in and call home. The city settles in the northwestern end of Lake Ontario. We have a huge inventory of bungalows for sale in Burlington. Major towns or cities nestled with this city include Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto. The city is also near the Niagara region, famous for its wineries, Niagara falls, and other tourist attractions.

Reasons for Living in Burlington

Affordable Bungalows for Sale in Burlington

You may find bungalows for sale in Burlington slightly more affordable than in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville. It means, buying a home in Burlington could save you some dollars. However, the city could be expensive compared with areas like the Niagara region, which is more affordable than Burlington.

Having said that, Burlington could be a haven for real estate investors and homebuyers. Both stakeholders could benefit from affordable housing prices and then resell their dwellings for a profit.

Bungalows for sale in Burlington offer a wide variety of home types such as detached, semi-detached, duplex, and cottage homes. Then you may also find homes with as many as four (and even more) beds and baths.

Low Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates here in Burlington are not the lowest ones but are considered relatively low province-wide. You may want to visit Burlington’s official website while calculating your property taxes.

Commuting from Burlington

The city’s transportation system offers a convenient way to commute between neighbouring cities and towns. We have highways 403 and 407 connecting several cities. Then we also have three commuter GO Train stations - Appleby GO to the east, Burlington GO in the relative centre, and Aldershot GO to the far west end. This transportation system provides an additive benefit of commuting between various cities while residing in Burlington.


The town has forty-two elementary schools, ten high schools, and two universities. Five of the elementary schools and nine secondary schools offer full-time French programs. The city also has 11 private schools. So you’re in luck to find a blend of public and private schools in this city. 

The Safest Municipality

Burlington is a part of the Halton region, which is suggested as the safest large municipality in Canada. The area has the lowest crime severity index of all Canadian municipalities, with a population of 100,000 or more. According to Statistics Canada, the crime severity index “measures not only changes in volume of a particular crime, but also the relative seriousness of that crime in comparison with other crimes.”

Recreational Sites and Parks

That would be one of the best reasons to move to Burlington. The city offers many recreational activities. We have several park spaces here in Burlington. We're talking about over 200 kilometres of trails, 115 parks in the city. The Royal Botanical Gardens has the world's largest lilac collection. Then we have the Bronte Creek provincial park on the eastern edge and the Niagara escarpment, a UNESCO world biosphere reserve home to over 50 endangered species and one of the most biologically rich places in Canada. 

For bike riders, the city has over 200 kilometres of biking infrastructure. However, people do not ride a lot considering the pathways to be relatively unsafe. The city is trying to charter more safety standards to encourage cycling.

Another great thing about this city is the beach and all of the waterfront parks in the city. Since the beach is on a sand bar, water gradually gets deeper making it an excellent place for young kids to swim around.

Burlington also has two traditional malls, with Burlington Center and Maple View Center and a variety of strip malls throughout the city. And if you’re still looking for more, you may head towards Toronto for more shopping options.

Arts and Museum

From the Burlington Arts Center to the Joseph Brant Museum to the Burlington Performing Arts Center, there's a lot to explore here in the city. And the GTA GHA and Niagara amenities are less than an hour away.

Burlington Season

The city brings all four seasons - Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring. However, being near Lake Ontario, we benefit from the Lake Effect, which gives us slightly cooler but humid summers and less snow in the winter than other nearby areas. 

Amenities for Seniors

If you’re looking to keep your parents close, Burlington is definitely your new hometown. The city offers a wide variety of seniors’ buildings, from assisted living to senior-focused rentals and various main floor living options.


The friendly neighbourhoods of Burlington include Aldershot, Alton Village, Brant Hills, Central (Downtown Burlington), Corporate, Dynes, Elizabeth Gardens, Headon Forest, Longmoor, Millcroft, Mountainside, Palmer, Pinedale, Plains, Roseland, Rural Burlington, Shoreacres, Tansley, The Orchard, Tyandaga.

Buying a Home in Burlington

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