Why Bungalows are so famous?

Date: 11, January 2021
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bungalow are so famous

Bungalow style houses were initially built in Bengal, Asia. Later on, such houses were customized with popular architectural styles, and now these could be found across the globe. This style of the house is defined broadly on the exterior design and according to the property's floor plan. Bungalows are a popular choice among small families, couples, retirees, those who want to downsize their lives and planned urban communities. These homes have become ideal for those looking for more efficient homes with a smaller footprint and lesser maintenance costs.

Bungalow homes' distinct features include the gable roof and eaves. The gable roofs' steepness prevents rainwater ingress and in cold areas for better support of the snow. Inside, heat loss is prevented better due to the insulation and the snow on top. The roof is extended to the bungalows' front porch, which is another distinct feature of this style of homes. This front porch is ideal for seating.  There is plenty of space at the backyard used for entertainment.

Bungalows are mostly single or one and a half stories houses, which offer convenience to move on the same floor and ease communication between family members. Bungalows are mostly single-story, so people with some mobility issues are facilitated, as they have not to climb the stairs to use the bathroom or bedroom. The main entrance of the bungalows and bathrooms are designed for ease in movement of the wheelchair. Such homes are safer for the children too.

During the prolonged lockdown of COVID-19, the need for more space within the house and open space was felt, especially by the high-rise buildings' residents. So, bungalows being spacious and having open plan design have made these a very popular choice.

These bungalow-style houses have plenty of space to do experimentation. With an open floor plan of a bungalow, you can have lots of natural light and air. Exterior structural design and interior space facilitate the installation of solar panels and technologically advanced appliances.  One may also buy traditional bungalows and add various elements to make it functional and modern. These are easy to maintain, cost-effective, and easy to modify while comparing with multi-story houses.

Because of the convenience, open floor plan, space for experimentation, lesser maintenance cost, environment friendly, safety, and most desired by all age groups, bungalows are ideal for buying.

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