Why You Should Think of Buying a Bungalow & Why You May Skip it?

February 25, 2022

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Buying a Bungalow

Some homebuyers think bungalows are only for those requiring easy access with no stairs, like for your grandparents. No doubt, these single-level homes are, in fact, more popular among the elderlies and retirees. But it doesn't mean that the young can't think of buying a bungalow.

There are many great things about acquiring a bungalow. Some of them are discussed here. But before we move to the ˜what it gives part," let's answer a few of the basic questions you should ask first.

Ask Yourself These Important Questions

Why Should I Buy a Bungalow?

Is it the peaceful environment you prefer? If yes, bungalows are a far better option than condos. Most of your neighbourhood would be peace-loving. They would have fewer people (or perhaps only a single person) living under the roof. So, it would be a less noisy neighbourhood.

But if you prefer a separation between your living room and the bedroom or have a big family, bungalows may not be a good selection.

Where the Term "Bungalow" Came from?

The word "bungalow" originated in Bengal, Asia, and is derived from the Hindi word "bangala", which refers to single-storey homes.

Is it Good to Invest in Bungalows?

These single-storey homes are less in count than condos and single-family homes and are always in high demand. These factors uplift the face value of bungalows, and so these homes are considered a good investment.

Pros of Buying a Bungalow

These pros will help your decision of buying a bungalow. 

Space, access, and privacy

Most of the bungalows are built on bigger lots, keeping a distance from the neighbouring houses. This factor gives these houses a relatively bigger space and more privacy. Large gardens are also one of the features that come along these homes.

Though, these aren't the basic rules you may imply with bungalows only. Detached homes are similar to bungalows in offering larger spaces with more privacy.

The best part of acquiring a bungalow is the single storey these living places offer. No need to move up and down. Just walk in, and everything is on a single floor.

These factors also give you the advantage of keeping the house forever. When you get to the age where you really need a place like a bungalow, you don't have to worry about relocating; you keep on living there.

Peaceful neighbourhood

That is the second most prominent feature of having a bungalow. 

The roads on which bungalows usually stand are comparatively quieter (imagine living in a condo with loud neighbours and outside traffic noise).

Most of the bungalows are detached, so they give extra coverage from the outside noise.

Bungalows are suitable for families with kids

If you have young kids, you could understand the pain of stairs and children. These single-storeyed homes give you the advantage of keeping an eye on your little ones.

Not only this but having a yard gives your kids an open area to play and explore while they don't have to go outside.

Less maintenance

This factor is much in favor of elderlies. They are done with high maintenance and lifting heavy equipment and seek a roof with fewer maintenance needs.

Since you wouldn't be having stairs (in much of cases), cleaning and maintaining them wouldn't be burdensome.

The same is the case with the roof and guttering systems; they're relatively easier to access and maintain.

Scope of extending and renovating

You have ample space at the back of the house, which means you could do more with less effort.

You could add an extended open kitchen in the yard or set up an open dine-in place. You could also dedicate the entire area to plants, herbs, and trees and build an enchanting garden.

Cons of Acquiring a Bungalow

High demand, low supply

As said earlier, bungalows are relatively less in supply but high in demand. And in this booming real estate market of the country, it gets even tough to buy a bungalow.

However, many builders are working on pre-construction projects where you could find your future home.

Lack of inside separation

Since these homes are built on a single level, you could be missing the idea of having two or three levels where stairs separate your living room and bedroom.

It also means that you may avoid the outside noise, but having children at home wouldn't let you stay away from the inside noise.

However, there's always a way out of every problem. You may think of soundproofing the doors.

Re-designing the old place

Some say that renovating is always required. I, on the other hand, disagree.

Bungalows today are built according to modern styles and updates, giving you less stress of renovating before or after moving in.

And if you may have to renovate the house according to your taste, it isn't bad. In fact, it is good that you're uplifting your home's value.

Less room to accommodate a larger family

That could be an issue and may let you opt for a single-family home. When these bungalows are built on a single level, it is evident that these homes usually wouldn't be offering more accommodation for your big family.

But again, it is not a rule that bungalows are built only for a single person or a couple. There are many houses with more than one room. Check out this list of bungalows in Toronto with 2+ bedrooms.